We are inspired by the down-to-earth and blue-collar culture in the city of Chicago. Our mission is to provide a built to last, hand-finished watch at an affordable price to the consumers.

With over 30 years of watchmaking history, a well-functioning supply chain and a significant amount of experience in manufacturing, we are able to create high-quality timepieces that are not only elegant and affordable but backed by time-tested craftsmanship process.

Our dedication to quality starts with our materials. We utilize best-in-class Chicago Horween Leather for every watch band, premium high scratch resistant sapphire crystals glass, and the well-known Ronda quartz movements to power every watch. This process takes time, but it’s time we’re proud to invest. Because we value our final product more than simply our final profit, we focus on crafting 100% handmade watches that last—and making them affordable for our customers.