At WOLFPOINT, tradition is synonymous with quality. For more than 30 years, we have employed conventional methods of watch-making to create pieces that are not only modern and beautiful but backed by time-tested craftsmanship processes.

Our goal is to provide high-quality watches that are affordable for the everyday person. An elegant accessory makes a statement and deserves the best we can offer, after all. That’s why we utilize conventional methods of assembly to build every watch we sell. Our watch-making artisans handcraft accessories today in the same way it has been done for generations.

Our dedication to quality starts with our materials. We utilize best-in-class Chicago Horween Leather for every watch band, premium glinting sapphire crystals in our watch glass, and Ronda quartz movements to power every watch. This process takes time, but it’s time we’re proud to invest. Because we value our final product more than simply our final profit, we focus on crafting 100% handmade watches that last—and making them affordable for our customers.

There are many watch companies selling high-priced, good-looking pieces. The truth we’ve discovered, however, is that often these brands cut corners in manufacturing and hike up prices to increase their profit. We wanted to provide something different to our customers. We began with premium instruments, used to craft premium watches. Then we created a cost-based model of pricing that ensures you, our customers, pay exactly what our pieces are worth—and nothing more.

For three generations, we have been in the business of crafting luxury watches. You could say that quality just runs in the family. What began as a business specializing in creating watches for other brands you may recognize has come full circle with WOLFPOINT, the launch of our very first watch brand, WOLFPOINT, where we produce timepieces by hand, for our own customers. There are no middlemen with WOLFPOINT.

This launch marks the melding of three generations of rich family history surrounding the Chicago River. Our name is inspired by the place where the North, South, and Main branches of the river join. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate the way our brand was founded. We’ve broken away from the brands we worked for and began selling directly to customer ourselves. We’re proud to welcome you to the family!

Our mission is to craft elegantly modern watches using beautifully old-world assemblies. We strive to continue to be a leader in hand-making luxurious, durable, and affordable watches you will love for years to come.